New Wellbeing Data Shows How Regions Across Australia Score in Health, Income, Housing and more

Sydney's Northern beaches ranks as the highest in the nation for wellbeing, with only one Queensland city making it to the top 10, the annual index revealed today.

The Australian Capital Territory came in second due to its low gender wage gaps, climate change risks and the division of wealth.

Public policy adviser SGS Economics and Planning has today published its analysis of 518 local government areas (LGAs), assessing them on seven indicators:

  • economy
  • income and wealth
  • employment, knowledge and skills
  • housing
  • health
  • equality, community and work-life balance
  • environment

The only Queensland city that made the top 10 was Brisbane, which came in 10th place.

It was commended for its "large, productive and diverse economy", relatively high levels of education and limited climate change risks.


The highest-ranking areas in housing affordability were Lockhart in south-western New South Wales, Bogan in the Orana region and Esperance in Western Australia.

In most states and territories, housing and rent were more expensive in metro cities compared to regional areas.

Brisbane ranked 387 out of 518, whilst the Gold Coast ranked 455 and Noosa at 459.

Mr Szafraniec said because of the dispersed nature of the economy in Queensland, there were a number of very unaffordable places outside of Brisbane, "which is quite different to some of the other states".

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