Want to build sustainable homes but don't know where to start?

Ecohouz is your best place for building sustainable homes in Australia.Whether you’re a builder, developer, architect or building your own home, going green is easy with Ecohouz as your number one resource for sourcing and providing eco-friendly building products.

We work with some of the most sustainable building products in the world

your building partner

Our process: The steps to completing your next sustainable home project

We discuss your project vision and requirements

Our primary objective is to deliver maximum value for your budget, and to collaborate with you to ensure that the smallest details are taken care of. We’ll take care of all the time-consuming paperwork and dealing with local authorities including:

  • Plan review for buildability
  • Budget development
  • Value engineering
  • Authority requirements and approvals
  • Project logistics permits & licence reviews

We prepare your quote

You’ll get a detailed, fully transparent quote with a breakdown of every aspect of your sustainable building project with no hidden costs.

This will include when the deposit is required and any other payment deadlines throughout the build.

Keeping you connected, always

Regular, transparent communication will ensure  our partnership and process are efficient, safe, harmonious, and free of any unexpected complications.

Furthermore, we keep our clients and all project stakeholders fully up-to-date, using live communication with our software management platform.

This way, every project detail is executed just as intended, to the highest building standards.

Sustainable building

Just because its sustainable doesn't mean it can't look great

We search the world for eco-friendly building products and systems that not only deliver on sustainability but look great too. All our suppliers are selected because they meet these strict criteria.

Sustainable building

We support the entire supply chain

We can plug in to any part of the process of your building journey.

For builders and developers

We quote on components for your project. Windows, doors, walls, floor / ceiling cassettes.

Architects and Specifiers

We are available to work on project prior to conception to ensure you have the necessary sustainable components for the project being brought to life.

Building your own home

We partner with you to provide a complete turn-key, using our network of architects, buildings and sustainable components allowing projects to be completed on schedule and to budget.

Customer testimonials

We truely value what our customers experience when dealing with Ecohouz.

"We have really enjoyed working with the Ecohouz team with our new build. We wanted to have a house that was really liveable but was built as eco friendly as possible. Ecohouz really understood what we're looking for right from the start."

Daniel J.

"This was our first new build, Ecohouz worked along side our architect to source the best building systems to use to create our vision of a sustainable, eco friendly home."

Tara P.

"We had never thought about building using a prefabricated system. It certainly sped up the build time to allow us to focus more on the finishing and interiors side. Ecohouz made to process simple and transparent."

David & Anna B.

So get in touch now, and let start your sustainable home building journey

If the planet is to continue to sustain life and enhance future generations, we have to change.

Frequently asked questions

What is your production process?

The structural elements of our buildings are made using the most modern woodworking machines, i.e. CNC Hundegger carpentry centre and Weinmann production line.Prefabricated products are made with an accuracy of 1 mm on the basis of solid wood, KVH structural timber and laminated LVL timber. Due to their unique properties, these materials are resistant to cracks, deformations, damage, fungi and insects.

How do I get started?

Our straightforward process makes the construction of your home considerably faster and leaves you with enough time to arrange all preliminaries

How long does the build take?

Most of the construction works take place offsite at our factories, where wall elements, ceilings and roofs are manufactured using modern technology. Approximately 8 to 14 weeks.

How energy efficient are your homes?

A typical wall is 20cm thick and has a u-value of 0.14 w/m2*K, far superior than what is required for energy-efficient homes. For comparison, a wall in traditional technology would have to be almost 50cm tick in order to achieve the same energy efficiency.

Why choose Ecohouz?

We design prebuilt building constructions that are energy efficient, and as well as functional and comfortable for residents. Our prefab houses are very popular especially among people who care about the environment.

Still have questions?

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